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Buen Vivir

Mission: The mission of Buen Vivir CPE is to provide a unique online interfaith CPE opportunity for non-traditional candidates (Spanish speaking and bilingual) to practice and serve under-served populations. We also aim to serve those who because of geographic or educational limitation, might otherwise be denied the opportunity to participate in CPE.


Objectives: The focus of Buen Vivir CPE is to train serve people in settings that may not otherwise be reachable by a standard CPE in-person program. 


We recognize that there are many large and small hospitals and other institutions that have chaplains who need CPE training. Buen Vivir CPE intends to reach out to potential students who are in clinical settings such as hospitals and hospices where chaplains are working full time and who may not be able to leave their jobs to attend CPE. 


We offer CPE units both in Spanish and English to CPE students from many different geographic locations and faith backgrounds. As a result, and in our effort to fulfill our vision to provide CPE training to chaplains who may not otherwise have been able to receive training due to language, location and education barriers.   


Buen Vivir CPE offers spiritual care and referral to communities in which students are already residing and working.  So, instead of being limited to a single institutional setting, our program reaches any and all communities, without cultural or geographic limits.  We are providing CPE training where students find themselves and that meets the ACPE accreditation requirements for establishing a relationship with a clinical site.

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Rev. Silvia Tiznado-Smith

MDiv., BCC.
ACPE Certified Educator

Rev. Silvia Tiznado-Smith a Mexican-American and an ACPE Certified Educator is bilingual in English and Spanish. She is the educator for the community-based CPE. She was the educator for a Spanish-English CPE unit at the San Francisco Night Ministry. ACPE has trained and provided spiritual care that is diverse and attends to the needs of a diversity of individuals.We understand that culture and language are core parts of a person’s humanity. It is our intent to equip Spanish speaking and bilingual spiritual care providers to offer spiritual care to and from their cultural context. Some students will be part of their own Hispanic/Latino Spanish-speaking congregations in the Phoenix area and provide spiritual care to their members.  

Joseph F. Viti

ACPE Certified Educator

I am a fully certified ACPE Educator by both The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
Inc., and The National Association of Catholic Chaplains. I am Accredited by the International
Enneagram Association to teach The Enneagram Personality Theory. I am trained as a Grief
Recovery Specialist by Grief Recovery Institute.
As a CPE educator, I have a trust and belief in the process conception of clinical learning. That
is, the actual practice of ministry becomes the content for reflection and learning. CPE students
reflect on and articulate their narrative history. The narrative becomes foundational to deepen
their awareness about how faith background, socio- cultural background, and personal identity
inform their ministry. The group learning is culturally and religiously diverse. CPE students are
encouraged to develop their personal spirituality of caring for the emotional and spiritual needs
of patients, family members, and medical staff.

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What Our Students Have To Say

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