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Apply Here

You’ll need to complete and/or sign three forms to complete this process – you can download each of those below.

- Application

- Guidelines to write Application Essays

- Materials consent form 

- Annual notice

Completed  Application

Upload File

Completed Materials Consent Form

Upload File

Signed Annual Notice Form

Upload File

Thanks for applying! We’ll get back to you soon.


The application on this page includes the following:

  • Complete the ACPE Application and Instructions for CPE

  • Complete the Use of Materials Consent form

  • Sign the Annual Notice

  • Students are required to have identified and secured a Clinical Placement Site

  • Please make a payment Buen Vivir CPE LLC of the non-refundable Application Fee of $100 through Zelle to


Receive acknowledgement of receipt of application and fee. If you do not receive a response after an hour or so, please email the Center at


A virtual interview will be scheduled using the Zoom platform. Buen Vivir will notify applicants of the results of the interview by email within two (2) weeks of the admission interview.


Students will receive an acceptance letter. Upon receipt of Acceptance Letter, students must complete the following steps:

  • Signed Letter of Acceptance.

  • Signed Buen Vivir CPE Release of Liability and Waiver Agreement.

  • Completed Clinical Placement Agreement for Clinical Practices. (The clinical placement agreement must be completed/signed PRIOR to students beginning their work at a site. 

  • Submit Preceptor Curriculum Vitae/Resume.

  • Pay  non-refundable $300 Deposit which will be deducted from the total tuition.  Please make payments to  Buen Vivir CPE LLC through Zelle to

  • Pay $3,600 Tuition Payment in full or Complete Payment Commitment Letter if not paying tuition in Full. Please make a payments Buen Vivir CPE LLC to through Zelle to


Only after all the above steps are completes a CPE applicant is considered enrolled into the CPE program

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